2D effect Dripping / Drooling

Quentin Cordonnier
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1- Video process of the making of a 2D water dripping, with notes, tips and tricks. (6min30)

2- Video process of the making of 2 water drooling (like rain on a window)with notes, tips and tricks. (7min30)

3- Eight little videos and JPG where will learn some fundamentals of 2D liquid animation :

Basic knowledge about the structure of liquids, how to animate it, how it stretches and breaks, how to shade it, how it reacts to gravity.

01- Liquid dripping video process

02- Liquid drooling video process

03- Liquid dripping frame by frame breakdown

04- Liquid dripping shading

05- Viscosity

06- water_vs_honey

07- Liquid dripping balance

08- Pouring water on a sphere

09- Pouring viscous liquid on a sphere

10-Water rig

You can use these principles to create more complex scenes with water, blood, honey, mud, etc...

Ideas of exercices : water dripping leaf, water drooling over a window, crying eyes, blood dripping sword,...

The focus on these tutorials is on the technical aspect of the animation, trying to find tricks, to simplify reality in order to animate it easily. The artistic vision is up to you !

Please forgive some grammar mistakes as english is not my native tongue. Even though it is not grammatically perfect I tried my best to make it understandable. If you ever find a sentence that does not make sens, please tell me. I will correct it an reupload the file.

Note that I would be pleased to give you feedback and corrections, feel free to send me your animations at quentin.cordonnier@hotmail.fr

Level : Junior

basic knowledge of a 2D frame by frame animation software required (ex:Toonboom Harmony, Tvpaint, Adobe animate,...)

Music credit : Pr Strange

Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/rofessrtrange

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2D effect Dripping / Drooling

29 ratings
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