2D FX Fire

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I want this!

2D FX Fire

Quentin Cordonnier
36 ratings

This course is about how to animate fire frame by frame.

How to design fire ? how to animate it?

Fire is one of the most commun 2D effect any animation studio will ask you to create on their show. Weither you are being asked to animate a cosy chimney fire or an evil magic fireball, we are going to learn a simple way of animating fire, that will help you for any kinds of shots involving fire.

We are going to learn the very basics of physics, and how to apply these rules to stylised handrawned animation.

We want it to be simple and efficient but not cheap! We will just talk about what we need to know. Nothing more, nothing less.

NOTHING BEATS PRACTISE ! So if your first animations are not awesome, it is normal. Animation is just like music or sport: you have to practise to get better. You have to practise untill the knowledge becomes intuition.

This course is composed of videos of animation process, we will animate together :

-Fire particles and embers

-Fire rising

-Windy Fire

-Fire bouncing ball

-Fireball moving twirling

-A flame thrower shooting

We will review some animations together, trying to understand "why is that animation not working great, and why is this one awesome ?"

You will have access to some PNG sequences of my animations with notes.

We will review the main mistakes to avoid, talk about some basics rules of 2D animation (spacing, timing, exposure,...)

Required equipement:

1-A tablet,

2-A 2D frame by frame animation software (toon boom harmony is the best for this course, but adobe animate, TVpaint, procreate or Krita are fine too)

3-a treatement software such as After Effect or Nuke is a plus.

Before starting, go on Pinterest, watch "2D FX" references, watch showreels, get inspired, get motivated!

Now, let's burn the place!

PS n1 : I hope everything will makes sens despite some english grammar mistakes and some lack of vocabulary, but images and animations should speak for themselves.

PS n2 : From time to time, I will update and improve the course. Will correct some issues regarding your feedbacks. Please feel free to reach out to me on IG : quentin.cordonnier


If you are a school, or a studio :

You can share your screen, teach a class based on my course, BUT DO NOT SHARE THE FILES with the students or employees.

Building a course like that is a lot of sweat. I try to make it as affordable as possible regarding the amount of time spending building it.

I am not Justin Bieber or Madonna, sharing this course like illegal streaming will indeed affect me and my will to continue on this journey.

I want this!

Tutorials, videos, images about how to animate fire frame by frame.


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